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    We are committed to helping our community.

    Mountain View Elementary School (Broomfield)

    “.. I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for Rock Creek After school! It's been a huge adjustment leaving my kids (1st and 3rd grader) but you have made the transition easier for me knowing that they are well cared for and in a quality place where they are NOT just a number or just another kid lost in the mix. You are an answer to many nights of prayer” – March 2016

    Superior Elementary Mom (2nd and 4th grader)

    “Being a full time working mom finding the time to focus on homework for a 2nd grader and 4th grade can be challenging. I am so grateful for Rock Creek After-School.  The teachers not only ensure homework gets done (while having fun) they carve out time to re-enforce things like reading everyday for 30+ minutes; phonics (my 2nd grader is getting 100% on his spelling test and he is getting the challenged words correct after 2 days of practice) penmanshipart and music.  My 4th grader is getting time to focus on his Reading Plus.  It's worth the investment.” – November 2015

    Superior Elementary Dad 

    Our daughter needed help with her writing; she struggled to write in details – this was one of the goals set by the teacher at the fall parent teacher conference. We shared that with the program director at RC. Within a week of our meeting, the writing teacher at RC provided our daughter with a series writing prompts and used graphic organizers to structure writing projects. After several weeks of practice our daughter is now writing in much more details. Our daughter goes to RC full time and she loves it there. In addition she is excelling at Math as a result of the one-on-one help she gets at RC. She mastered long division shortly before the winter break. The investment is RC is worth it – our daughter wrote in her Christmas card to the teacher at RC “you are the best teacher in the world”.

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    1691B Coalton Rd.
    Superior, CO 80027


    Broomfield, CO

  • What We Do

    Kindergarten + After-School Enrichment + Tutoring + Day Camps

    Ms. Dunlap has background in Gifted and Talented Education.

    Our Kindergarten Teacher

    Why did Ms. Dunlap choose Rock Creek After-School?

    I developed a strong desire to create a classroom and a curriculum to meet the needs of the children in this community and to fill the gap that traditional education and large class sizes can sometimes leave. I wanted a kindergarten program that can ebb and flow with the needs of our community, our students, and their families, while gently guiding them to reach their full academic potential. Since I started working at Rock-Creek After-School when its doors opened last fall, my heart has been full from the amount of support, encouragement, and love that owner, the staff, and the community has shown me. I feel like I am part of something that is truly making a difference and this is why I decided to make Rock Creek After-School my home.

    After-School Enrichment balance with fun

    Tutoring : PARCC Prep : Homework Help : Fun

    At Rock Creek we help students with homework, reading, and math in a small group setting or one-on-one. Achievement gaps are being closed at Rock Creek After-School while students are enjoying a balance of academic and fun.


    Day Camps (full or half day): B4G1F offer on all full day camps


    2016-2017 BVSD No School Days:

    Columbus Day (10/10), Veterans Day (11/11), Winter Break (12/19 - 1/2), Professional Day (1/3), MLK (1/16), Professional Day (2/10), President's Day (2/20), Spring Break (3/27 - 3/31), Conference Exchange (4/14 & 4/17) Last Day for school is May 26th 2017.