About Us

A Few Words About Us

At Rockcreek After-School, we value each moment we spend with your child. We offer a safe and nurturing environment for children to build, learn and excel.

Mission Statement

Rock Creek After-School dedicates itself to providing a supportive, nurturing environment that empowers students to become engaged citizens in our classroom and community.

Vision Statement

Rock Creek After-School creates individuals who are grounded in their community and teaches them how to grow into their own personal success. Student centered and standards based curriculum and instruction, combined with small class size and low student to teacher ratio, insure that each students’ needs are identified and celebrated


Learning & Fun

Children receive homework help and academic support in an environment that also nurtures relationship building and long lasting friendships.

Differentiated Education

We believe every child has unique academic needs, therefore, we provide individualized instruction and different avenues for closing learning gaps.

Outreach Programs and Field Trips

Our level of community involvement sets Rock Creek After-School apart from all other programs. From field trips and do-it-yourself workshops to riding the RTD, children are exposed to new experiences and learn how to grow into active and engaged citizens.

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